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Email Functions

Email Functions

Email functions include Creation / Maintenance / password reset / Web Mail / Setup Info

To access email functions related to email please refer to your “CPanel Login Information” provided to you in an email from us. You will need your username and password for Cpanel access. Once in the Cpanel you can access all email functions.

1. Access the Cpanel by entering http://<web address including the dot>:2083

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Select the Email Icon and follow the instructions.

Receiving Spam Emails

Receiving Spam emails

Are you receiving spam emails? Receiving spam emails can be an exhausting task given all the deleting necessary. Here is some information to help you in making the right judgment. Please note our web provider uses tools and methods to determine whether or not an email is spam. Specifically, each sending server is verified against a spamming-server list and acted upon accordingly. Still no method exist that is fully guaranteed.

Tips to avoid getting spam:

  • Use a Email Software / Clients to manage junk e-mailers
  • Act careful in replying to a sender of spam
  • Alter your e-mail address when you post publicly
  • Use a secondary email for site with advertising
  • Make use of laws against spam
  • Don’t post your address on your Web page
  • Review Web sites’ privacy policies
  • Do not forward a chain e-mail (the ones your mom sends you)